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When foreigners are looking to Italy to renovate residential properties, there are many things they look for. Incredible views, culture and history, cuisine, and much more. Therefore, when many people seek to renovate properties in Italy, they often must look at two things: interior design, and which property to renovate.

Renovations and interior design in italy

Interior design can make a house feel like a home, or a business thrive. Italian interior design has a special power. so, special care must be paid to the interior design of a property. In either case, the interior design of a property could be difficult for non-residents because they may be unfamiliar with local markets and customs and may face language barriers that stimy their progress.

Through the careful inspection of the property documents and on-site visits, legal advice, and representation in closing the purchase deal, renovation, furnishing, and later management of the property; we allow customers to easily renovate their homes and properties the way they want, without the hassles they would otherwise have to face.

With our team of experts, we provide support in different areas including:

  • technical support and advice as to the real estate unit in question.
  • review of the technical documentation.
  • ideas for better energy efficiency.
  • sanitary plans and organization.
  • division of the interior space.
  • furnishing with an individual approach.
  • design – up to the smallest details.

To make the renovation and interior design process as seamless as possible for all international clients, we provide full catalogs of design and furniture ideas that ensure the uniqueness and individuality of every property exactly how the client wants to see it. We even provide custom furniture to answer all our client’s needs.

We lean on cutting-edge software and technology to ensure our processes are more time-effective, cost-effective, dependable, and unfailing than anyone else on the market; and, to provide the best possible service to our clients.

We also work with respected professionals and focus on using made in Italy materials representing the highest quality. We let our work and products speak for themselves and demonstrate the elegance and beauty of Italian craftsmanship. We make sure to offer insight into local markets to ensure clients not only find the right property but find a property that suits their tastes and needs while providing bespoke options for every aspect of the property.

Farmhouses and countryside properties to renovate in italy: pros and cons

Italian property renovation is not always simple. Although we provide these many benefits, there are downsides to renovating in Italy. Factors such as timeworn plumbing, rickety window and door fixtures, confusing bureaucratic issues, and language barriers all play a role in making Italian renovations more difficult. However, although we recognize these barriers, we also promote the many advantages to renovating in Italy—and the types of renovations that are most beneficial.

Renovating country homes in the Italian countryside not only offers you beautiful landscapes and cultural experiences, but it provides three critical benefits. The first of these is sustainability. These homes are sustainably built, and work towards sustainability policies in Italy; and allow you to give back to the environment, by just living in a beautiful home.

The second advantage is the tax benefit. That is correct. Renovating an old farmhouse, country cottage, or country home is indeed a demanding task; but it provides income tax incentives for owners to do so. Despite the red tape surrounding these types of renovations, there are even more tax incentives and subsidies that are provided in these locations that function as businesses.

The third, and final, the benefit is the historical and cultural importance. Renovating a ruin means seizing a life-changing opportunity: that to experience life in a truly special place, within ancient responsive walls filled with character and energy. Living in historical premises implies you will own a home that “speaks to you”, telling you about local culture, history, and tradition.

Foreign buyers should be careful with who they contract the job out to, to ensure that the renovation honors the timeless and culturally significant Italian property. Relying on trustworthy local advisors and contractors is the key to renovation success in Italian homes.

It is also important to note that the interior styling of the farmhouse or cottage is just as important also. Just because the building is old and timeless, the interior furnishings and designs do not necessarily have to be. That said, many of these old buildings have elegant and splendid designs and colors, so only minor touch-ups are required to enhance rough surfaces.

The homes can then be furnished and styled with simple pieces and ideas to accent and complement the existing designs and elegance. All a person needs is to complement and add to the building’s pre-existing character, keeping the place’s cultural and environmental identity in mind.

However, it is again important to make note of the fact that foreigners gain tax benefits from renovating an old farmhouse or cottage in the countryside. They are eligible for renovation bonuses, as well as many other municipal bonuses such as landscape bonuses and even redevelopment subsidies. Municipal websites provide lists and policies on what subsidies are available, and where they are applicable.

Again, though, caution and foresight are important for all non-residents engaging in renovations. The renovation of an ancient farm or building should only be entrusted to professionals who have conducted thorough historical and legal analyses on the property.

Our services if your are about to buy a property to renovate in italy

These facts, along with the financial benefits of renovating in Italy demonstrate that there are clear and distinct advantages to doing so. We aim to help our clients not only find ideal homes and properties in the countryside to take advantage of these financial benefits, but we help them navigate the complex world of legal and contractual requirements in renovations to make the process as simple as possible.

We draft detailed business plans and design plans to ensure the acceptance of the property and help work through tax planning and design processes to ensure all benefits of the renovation are received. We also ensure that clients have a style they love, while still holding on to the splendid culture and history of the Italian home.

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