Management of real estate properties

Through the provision of a complete-cycle service for the direct management of real estates, Florencehouse guarantees a secure and risk-free income for property owners, whereby providing them with the opportunity to entrust their apartments to a transparent real estate company capable of making the best value out of it.

Florencehouse can guarantee a secure and agreed income through a classic rental fee or a property management relationship for the share of opportunities and results.

The services offered by Florencehouse cover each aspect of the property management, and in specific:

  • Promotion of the property on the most important platforms ( others).
  • Exclusive promotion on the internal network of Florencehouse which has more than 500,000 visitors annually.
  • Management of reviews.
  • Enhancement of the publication in the apartment portals (provision of hundreds of positive reviews to keep the commercial value of the property high)
  • Customized revenue management.
  • Housekeeping services (cleaning and changing of bedding).
  • Maintenance and prompt intervention.
  • Check-in e check-out services and provision of 24/7 assistance for guests.
  • Ensuring administrative and bureaucratic compliance.
  • Increase of the property value through the creation of a profitability history.

Other than using the conventional channels of promotion, Florencehouse also offers the possibility to place your property for publication on the company’s exclusive network which has almost half a million users. Thus, the owners on our platform can see their properties being directly booked, and thus, avoid the commission fees of the other channels.

Florencehouse is able to directly interact with the managers of the most important and widespread channels on the market, thus allowing us to efficiently manage each type of structure. Florencehouse also has an IT department composed of specialized programmers, able to configure any digital tool needed so as to optimize the accomplishments of your property both in terms of promotion and in terms of management and all its related aspects.
Thanks to Florencehouse, the owners are constantly updated on the progress of their property.

The sending of reports with reference data on each real estate investment allows customers to verify every aspect of their property’s management. Florencehouse is proud to operate by following the highest standards of quality and transparency both for the investor and for their stakeholders.

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