Renovating a house in Italy

The perfect solution for house reconstruction

Florencehouse’s consolidated experience in the field of building renovation,and especially renovation aimed at placing luxury estates on the tourist market, will enable the company to perform interventions that will make the future management of the property less expensive, while at the same time maintaining the high quality standards necessary for the best satisfaction of the guests.

The reconstruction of buildings is carried out in compliance with the norms for occupational safety, and is realized by highly qualified and professional manpower, working with quality materials.

We have a team of professionals, ready to supervise the work progress step by step and to communicate with the owners on every phase of the project.
The constant evaluation of the property in respect to the other estates on the market will enable it to maintain its uniqueness and the business idea that best fits the expectations regarded, while at the same time it will allow the property to comply with the standards of the international rental market.

renovating a house in Florence Italy

Florencehouse is able to modernize the property of the owner, making it fully smart through the employment of the most advanced and continuously developing technologies produced by the company’s IT Department.

A remote control will be enabled for the following appliances: doors, lights, alarms, heating and much more. This will provide the opportunity of having a home automation system that offers important advantages in terms of comfort, security and energy saving, so as to best optimize the future property management by saving on costs (for example, on bills) and increasing the comfort of the guests in order to make the property more desirable on the market and to increase the profit from the investment.

When it comes to the reconstruction the legislation currently in force provides for the provision of bonuses, fiscal and financial support, for the execution of the works. That’s why Florencehouse’s team of Architects and Surveyors is ready to work at the complete disposal ofthe owner in order to offer assistance in every process aimed at the correct application for acquiring these benefits, and will be directly involved in providing the right application forms and forwarding them to the competent bodies, together with all the necessary documentation;
managing the communication between the relevant institutions and the investor; acquiring the necessary certifications for the usage of the bonuses and deductions scheme; and managing such administrative and bureaucratic aspects as need to be fulfilled before, during and after the execution of the works.

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The incentives currently in force at your disposal allow property owners to save up to 50% of the costs incurred (through a successive reimbursement). Florencehouse is pleased to offer to its clients the support of professionals with the aim of acquiring all possible advantages, provided by the legislation, in a quick and easy way.

All our companies operate in Italy, whereby providing highly qualified personnel and constant updates in order to offer innovative solutions and cutting-edge techniques.

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